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This tool converts Project Gutenberg’s Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary into a dictfile for conversion into a Kobo dictzip.


Pre-built dictionaries can be downloaded from the following links:

You can use dictutil to install the dictionaries, or see here for manual installation instructions.


Usage: webster1913-convert [options] gutenberg_webster1913_path

  -o, --output string   The output filename (will be overwritten if it exists) (- is stdout) (default "./webster1913.df")
      --dump            Instead of converting, dump the parsed dictionary to stdout as JSON (for debugging)
  -h, --help            Show this help text

  gutenberg_webster1913_path is the path to Project Gutenberg's Webster's 1913 dictionary. Use - to read from stdin.

To convert the resulting dictfile into a dictzip, use dictgen.

The source dictionary can be downloaded here or here.

You can also use the parser as a Go library.