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A collection of documentation and tools for working with Kobo dictionaries.

Download dicthtml dictgen dictutil

Prebuilt dictionaries:

GOTDict Webster’s 1913 Unabridged Dictionary

These tools are designed to work with v2 dictionaries (4.7.10364+).

Getting started

If you’re interested in creating dictionaries, look at the dictgen documentation. If you’re interested in installing or manipulating existing dictionaries, see the dictutil documentation. Otherwise, see the dicthtml documentation for more information about the Kobo dictionary format.


These pages are some notes I’ve made about the Kobo dictionary format based on reverse engineering the firmware and the official dictionaries.


dictutil is a low-level tool to unpack, pack, and perform other operations on Kobo dictzips.


dictgen is an easy-to-use tool/library to generate Kobo dictionaries from scratch or use in conversion scripts. It deals with all the unusual bits (e.g. variant capitalization, prefix generation, etc) for you and gives warnings when it can’t.


These are some tools which make use of dictutil to convert actual dictionaries.