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Usage: dictutil install [options] dictzip

  -k, --kobo string         KOBOeReader path (default: automatically detected)
  -l, --locale string       Locale name to use (format: ALPHANUMERIC{2}[-ALPHANUMERIC{2}]) (default: detected from filename if in format dicthtml-**.zip)
  -n, --name string         Custom additional label for dictionary (ignored when replacing built-in dictionaries) (doesn't have any effect on 4.20.14601+)
  -b, --builtin string      How to handle built-in locales [replace = replace and prevent from syncing] [ignore = replace and leave syncing as-is] (doesn't have any effect on 4.24.15672+) (default "replace")
  -B, --no-custom           Whether to force installation to .kobo/dict instead of .kobo/custom-dict (4.24.15672+ only)
      --use-extra-locales   Whether to use ExtraLocales on 4.24.15672+ if not a built-in dictionary (this is not required anymore since 4.24.15672) (4.24.15672+ only)
  -h, --help                Show this help text

  If you are not replacing a built-in dictionary and are using a firmware
  version before 4.24.15672, the 'Enable searches on extra dictionaries patch'
  must be installed or you will not be able to select your custom dictionary.


Install a dictionary with the locale in the filename (dicthtml-**.zip):

dictutil install

Install a dictionary with a different locale:

dictutil install --locale aa

Install a dictionary on a specific Kobo:

dictutil install --kobo /path/to/KOBOeReader

Install a dictionary with a custom label (4.19.14123 and older):

dictutil install --name "My Dictionary"


See installing dictionaries for more details on how this works.