Linux Tips
Running Debian on the Acer Aspire ES1-522 laptop

Recently, I needed to install Debian on an Acer Aspire ES1-522 laptop. There were quite a few issues to do with drivers.

Configuring git-credential-cache on linux

git-credential-cache is a useful tool to remember your HTTP/HTTPS git credentials (though you really should be using SSH instead). It’s useful for things like long passwords or access tokens. It stores them in memory for a certain number of seconds.

Configuring VirtualBox autostart on Linux

It is often useful to configure VirtualBox virtual machines to automatically start and stop on startup and shutdown. The official documentation is a bit unclear, so I have made a tutorial about how to configure it.

How to get Vino VNC Server to connect properly

This article assumes you have set up the Vino VNC server correctly, but your client gives you a message like “encryption not supported” or “the authentication method requested is not availaible”.

How to record screencasts in GNOME

One little-known feature of the GNOME desktop environment is that it has the ability to record screencasts. By default, the keyboard shortcut to do so is CTRLALTSHIFTR. Press it again to stop recording. This will save the video as a webm video into your Videos folder.

Go to GNOME login screen from terminal

Sometimes, it is useful to go to the GNOME login screen from the terminal or a bash script. This can be accomplished with the following command:

Get manually installed packages on any Ubuntu-based distro

This tip will teach you how to list all packages you installed manually.

Creating a multiboot Ubuntu boot USB with UEFI support

People often waste a lot of space on their Ubuntu live USBs. An average Ubuntu ISO is only 1.3 GB. This post will teach you how to create a multi-boot USB flash drive.

Put the last X seconds of a video file into a new one

It is often useful to be able to seperate the last X number of seconds from a video file. This is how to do it from a linux terminal using ffmpeg:

Get total length of all media files in the current directory

Have you ever needed to find the total length of all media files in the current directory? If so, this tip is for you.

Download a bootable ISO or IMG directly to a USB stick or SD card

In this short tutorial, I will show you how to download a bootable ISO or IMG directly to a USB stick or SD card. This is useful in many situations such as creating a live usb on a computer without alot of disk space, or just creating a linux installation disk. The instructions are below:

How to add aliases to Geary in Linux

I currently use Geary as my main mail client in Linux (I use Ubuntu GNOME). I have recently started using aliases quite a lot, so it has become very tedious to use a web browser whenever I want to send mail from an alias.

Clone all GitHub repositories for a username

I often need to backup all of my GitHub repositories to a folder. Here is a easy script to make a backup of all your repositories. It clones all of your repositories into a folder with the current date and time.

Get the package which provides a command in Ubuntu or Debian

This tip is for Ubuntu or Debian users.

Fix syslinux boot error on Ubuntu USB

If you have made an Ubuntu based (Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Elementary, Kubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, etc) USB using Startup Disk Creator, and it shows a syslinux error (example: Invalid keyword in configuration file), then here is how to fix it: