Patrick Gaskin


qrc Extract Qt resources from RCC files and executables. GitHub GoDoc
xmlwriter Go library for efficiently generating namespace-aware XML. GitHub GoDoc


NickelMenu Exposes hidden features and injects menu items into the built-in software. Website GitHub MobileRead
kepubify The fastest EPUB -> Kobo EPUB conversion tool. Website GitHub
kobopatch Patches for Kobo firmware to add features, fix bugs, and provide customization. Website GitHub MobileRead
Kobo Firmware Downloads Website with direct links to Kobo Firmware, rollout status, and notifications. Website GitHub GitHub (backend)
dictutil High-quality and robust tools for working with Kobo dictionaries. Website GitHub


bootnext Windows tray icon to control the EFI BootNext variable. GitHub
rpms A few RPM specs for Fedora. GitHub COPR
pulseaudio-win32 Up-to-date Windows port of PulseAudio. GitHub Website
easy-novnc Single-binary noVNC instance, web UI, and multi-host proxy. GitHub