Kobo Firmware Downloads
Kobo Firmware Links gets the latest official firmware download links from the Kobo API. It checks all affiliates to give you the latest version.
You can also view previous versions and the versions available to other affiliates.
After you download the firmware for your device, extract the zip file into the .kobo folder on your Kobo eReader.
Note for Aura H2O Edition 2 and Aura Edition 2: Kobo has actually released two versions of these devices. If the 7th digit of your serial number is a 2 you have the second version, otherwise you have the first version.
Note about the Mini update: You may have received an email from Kobo about the required update. This update is 3.19.5761, which was originally only released to the rakutenbooks affiliate (until now). If you already have this version, no further updates are currently required.
Note about the April 2019 -s version: This version was released about a month after the original. There do not seem to be any changes other than the version. See here for more details.
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Version availability by device:
You can find a table showing the version availability by device in the table below. Click here to show the table.

All old versions by hardware:
You can find a list of all old versions listed by the hardware version in the table below. Click here to show the table.

Version search BETA :
You can search old firmware versions below. This feature is still in beta, so it may not return the most accurate results.